IFPAC CORTONA 2023 - Call for Abstracts

Topics include Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, Manufacturing Innovation,  Manufacturing Innovation: Advanced Analytics & Process Controls, Manufacturing Innovation: Personalized Medicines, Global Regulatory and Harmonization Initiatives-ICH, and Global Regulatory and Harmonization Initiatives-Global Regulatory CMC Initiatives.


Additional topics may include Process Control, PAT Analytics, Continuous Manufacturing, Lifecycle of Analytical Methods, Lifecycle Management, QbD Implementation for Drug Product Development and Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical Engineering & Control, Process Control & Modeling, Chemometrics, Process Validation & Continuous Process Verification, Risk Management, Technical, Regulatory and Business Case Studies, QbD Implementation, Bioanalytics & Bioassays, Material Controls, Tools for Quality Assurance, Process Spectroscopy, QbD & PAT Real Case Studies/Lessons Learned…

Presentations will be selected by the program committee on the basis of invited and contributed abstracts.

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